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By the 19 December 2019

How did Kodak invent digital photography then lose out when the industry became big? How did Nokia create the smartphone but fall behind when the iPhone was launched? 

According to Julian Birkinshaw it wasn’t because they didn’t sense the coming change. 

Julian is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He recently spoke at Cegos’ Business Transformation Summit. According to him, it was because they failed to act on their knowledge of it. They also got too comfortable with the status quo. Nokia and Kodak were both profitable industry leaders when they created their innovations. 

According to Julian Birkinshaw, digital technology is transforming all our industries. It is easy to become aware of what those changes are. However, we should be brave when we implement them.   

Watch this short video to hear more insights from Julian Birkinshaw on riding the tide of innovation.  

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