New year’s “resoquestions”

By the 9 January 2020

New year, new resolutions

For many of us, beginning of January is the moment for new resolutions. Will gyms make their major revenue in just a few weeks? I’ve been wondering what are my authentically new resolutions, what will change, how I will evolve… In this fast-changing environment, I find myself knowing less what to expect, but having a deeper understanding of who I want to be and become.

Why? This last decade has proven that anticipating the future is again harder than ever… In terms of professional development, our intuition (and valid research) tells that jobs will change, and AI will take over many fields – including regular and quite complex tasks. Like it or not, it’ll be there… So how can we make a resolution if we don’t know exactly what the implementation scenario will look like?

A new way of learning

Well, as usual, we will only succeed if we keep learning. And the key to learning is not trying to have all the answers, but actually to keep working on new (or old but still relevant) questions. Inspired by an article read some years ago, I don’t ask my kids what they’ve learned at school today, but mostly if they’ve asked good questions. It is a good way to keep the learning spirit alive.

    So, what are your questions for this year (or decade)?
  • Have you already identified what you need, you want, you will learn?
  • What is learning for you?
Add your comments to this post, or send me a quick note! We’d really like to learn more about your resolutions, your questions, your resoquestions for this year!

You can also click on the video below which presents some of Cegos’ inspiring beliefs about learning.

Happy New Year to you and yours. For new learning opportunities, for growth and success, for great moments to share.

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Myriam Since 1 year

Thanks Jonathan for your refreshing wishes!
It appears indeed that in a world saturated with information and objects of all kind, setting a question, a true question, is probably one of the few opportunities for a human being to keep a vacant place, and let happen – in so far as one can bear not to answer it too quickly, as we could learn for example with the Kabbala.


Beatriz Ajenjo Since 1 year

Thanks Jonathan Mohadeb for this post. I like your point. What questions will you be asking yourself during 2020? Probably they will set the frame for the results you will achieve. #powerfulquestions


José Enrique García Since 1 year

Learning for me is working an enjoying everyday of the personal an professional development process. Without any doubt, one of my main priorities. My present and future field of knowdledge is related of AI. Thanks for your post!!!


Jonathan Since 1 year

Thanks Myriam! Indeed, some quick and short questions may require deeply thought and maybe long answers, right?


Jonathan Since 1 year

Thanks Beatriz and Jose Enrique! Adding up on your comments (and for the sake of sharing), one of my daily questions for this year is “How is this action/decision contributing to who I want to be when I achieve my desired results?”.


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