Why upskilling will be crucial post pandemic

By the 17 December 2020

The business world experienced rapid change before the health crisis. However, the pandemic highlighted the need to upskill everybody – from employees through to leadership – to deal effectively with new challenges.

In this short video, I talk about the specific demands facing global businesses today in light of the health crisis. Firstly, companies need to equip everybody with soft skills. Secondly, people urgently need the technology and IT skills to navigate the digital world, which has become such an integral part of all our lives.

Watch the video to find out how companies can retain qualified and experienced employees by upskilling in the areas they need for the future.


Interested to learn more about how to upskill your people during these turbulent times? Download our “Transformation, Skills & Learning” Barometer Survey for insights into how training needs have changed during the recent health crisis and advice on how your company can adapt.


Check out another video in this series by Emanuele Castellini – Director of Cegos Italy – who speaks about the importance of soft skills in meeting the challenges of the digital era.

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