Learning resolutions for 2021

By the 6 January 2021

Happy New Year to you All!

Can we make New Year’s resolutions after closing an unpredictable 2020? I believe not only that we can, but also that we must… Making New Year’s resolutions is a way to say that something will change, for good, going from wishful thinking towards clever goal setting, while focussing on what’s in your hands.

The moan “I can’t wait for this year to end” reached my ears a gazillion times last month. It’s in my Top10 list for 2020, with other nerve-wrecking expressions such as “you’re on mute” or “shall we zoom?”.

Well, that year is gone now, and using a new diary won’t be enough to leave it behind. Referring to language, with some colleagues we’ve decided to avoid using certain binomials such as “uncertain context” or “unprecedented times”, and to store the oxymoron “new normal” for a while.

We all want the pandemic to end. As with all other paradigm-shifting large-scale events, instead of going from pandemic to new normal, I rather say that we go from pandemic to post pandemic. So, how long will it last? Should we make post pandemic resolutions? Should they be “for this year” only?

Post pandemic resolutions

Focussing on learning, and having reflected on the key lessons learned and trends in 2020, my post pandemic resolutions are:

  • To be open and willing to learn, unlearn and relearn (as Alvin Toffler wisely said). And to never take anything for granted.
  • To find more ways of staying connected, since we learn through human interaction (so far, only some AIs have been able to learn without human input).
  • To keep working and learning differently. We challenged our mindset during the pandemic, there’s no need to restore it totally when going back to the office.
  • To make smart and efficient use of our energy and resources… for example, instead of planning (learning) scenarios A/B – with or without pandemic restrictions – we can plan one scenario only. And be VERY agile.

As Seneca stated, there is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go. We’re certain that we’ll learn a lot during 2021, and we’ll be happy to share all of that in this blog, as it comes. We hope you enjoy the entries, and thanks again for joining us!

Do you want to share your (learning) resolutions for this year? Just add a comment to this post.

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Shawn Since 1 week

Hey Jonathan, first of all, a very warm Happy New Year to you!

I resonate with you on the list of nerve wrecking expressions and how I would hear more pleasant phrases this 2021.

Great to read about your 4 post pandemic resolutions. especially the last one – Smart use of our time, energy and resources. I believe we’ve all gone through the gazillion things to do with the work-from-home culture. Never would I have thought that this would increase the working time/productivity in a day, but then again it needed some time getting used to.

But yeah, coming up with 1 learning solution and being VERY agile on it is indeed the way to go. Had a client recently who was very indecisive and kept changing requirements every 2 weeks such that I’ve had to work round the clock pivoting my solutions to him in every aspect. Somehow I followed the rule of 80/20 when I deal with him and others. 20% of my clients brought in 80% of my business ($$ margins) and hence I began to change my perspective as well – I started spending 80% of my time on 20% of my clients. Believe this makes sense to you as well.

Talk again soon!



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