Build up a tailor-made training programme delivered worldwide

Fast changing business requires competences that quickly adapt across countries. In order to achieve this, the best option is often to launch an international training project: designing, customising & delivering a programme that meets corporate and local needs and timescales.

Success story: Cegos for Faurecia

Developping group performance by enhancing first-line managers’ skills

Your challenges

  • Reaching your people everywhere
  • Delivering best in-class content perfectly aligned to your organisation and to each countries’ business and cultural specifics
  • Getting buy-in from each country and from your target audience
  • Avoiding extra costs as much as possible (translation, trainer onboarding, travel, project management)
  • Securing the impact

Our solutions

  • Building and delivering engaging 70:20:10 learner experience
  • World-class content available in different languages & formats
  • Certified trainers in 30 countries
  • Robust customisation, localisation and trainer onboarding process
  • A dedicated « Glocal » project management team close to your people, taking care of your project from A to Z

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Cegos, your global Learning and Development partner

Cegos Group partners with organisations across +50 countries in order to help them solve their exponential L&D challenges:

Build up a tailor-made training programme delivered worldwide with Cegos Create or optimise your international course portfolio with Cegos

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