Support the global L&D transformations of your organisation

Corporate L&D organisations and ecosystems are due to be more global, agile, digital and thus more complex to manage. To successfully transform your corporate L&D ecosystem, Cegos will provide you with 3 key resources: High level L&D expertise, L&D Innovators, Global services. Each one with genuine international capabilities.

Success story: Cegos for Sanofi

Banner: Case Study, Cegos for Sanofi, Radically change the training approach and design a learning objects repository

Your challenges

  • Meeting business demands quickly wherever in the world
  • Selecting the right technologies and partners
  • Developing an engaging learning culture
  • Deploying worldwide an agile L&D strategy and eco-system (technologies, learning solutions, organisation, providers)
  • Keeping costs down and demonstrating business returns on training

Our solutions

  • Structured L&D transformation model – Performance, Agility and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) driven,
  • L&D Consultancy services :
    • L&D Performance and TCO benchmarking
    • L&D Strategy review and roadmap
    • L&D Innovation: Learning lab, Benchmark; Pilot projects
  • Support to L&D transformation:
    • Optimisation of the training portfolios
    • Development of the L&D community
    • Change management: Learning week, Learning to learn programmes…
    • Performance & TCO metrics
  • Flexible Managed Training Services (Master Service Provider, Master Vendor, Neutral Vendor)

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Cegos, your global Learning and Development partner

Cegos Group partners with organisations across +50 countries in order to help them solve their exponential L&D challenges:

Build up a tailor-made training programme delivered worldwide with Cegos Create or optimise your international course portfolio with Cegos

Support the global L&D transformations of your organisation with Cegos Digital learning and innovation by Cegos

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