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Global L&D trends

In a rapidly changing world, businesses face an environment that is more global, more digital and more interconnected than ever.
These changes impact the way we work and learn.
We believe that 5 trends are shaping the ongoing transformation of Global Corporate L&D organisations:

  1. Self-directed, social, adaptive and on-the-job learning will continue to grow – Trainer led training will remain
  2. Better business agility will continue to require more agile L&D processes and solutions
  3. “More for less” will remain and won’t be solved by technology alone
  4. For many L&D organisations, supporting the company’s digital transformation and the extended enterprise will become growing priorities
  5. Corporate L&D organisations and ecosystems are due to become increasingly global and complex to manage

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Your challenges

  • Meeting business demands quickly, anywhere in the world
  • Developing a strong learning and development strategy
  • Developing an engaging learning culture
  • Keeping costs down and demonstrating business returns on training

Our solutions

  • An engaging learner experience which drives better performance
  • Best-in-class content covering topics that address modern business challenges
  • International presence with a network of offices and partners in over 30 countries
  • Flexible and innovative learning solutions to help you build your L&D Ecosystem.

Cegos’ global Learning and Development solutions

Cegos Group partners with organisations across +50 countries in order to help them solve their exponential L&D challenges.

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